All FFPro Leagues

PositionTeamCashSquad SizeNamePoints
1With My Testicles 3117Stu Westwood806
2CornishMafia 36.220Jim Samuel743
3Molineux Mafia 1314Anthony Marandola703
4No F in chance 18.220Conor McGrath689
5Can Rabbits Live Outside? 120James Dunn681
6Utterly Snaffled 18.714Ian Spittle675
7One Season Wonders 2620Stuart Morgans672
8Swan With Two Necks 420Ian Dudfield671
92 Girls 1 Schlupp 1520Mark Hodson664
10Devils Utd 15.219Dave Cooper643
11Mini Mix FMFC 19.916Ste Cox632
12Waste of Mane 4.819Graham Merrick631
13The Fornicating Analysts 5.519Ryan McWilliams586
14Bend It Like Benik 15.820Mark Chamberlain549
15Forbear A 3.320Adam Cotterill549
16Post Office Rangers 416Ben Harvey539
17Mane's Too Tight To Mention 2.518Barrie Holding538
18One Flew Over Lukaku's Nest 12.515Adam Myatt534
19Golden Balls 51.720Craig Buggins483
20Langford United 61.818Dean Langford468