All FFPro Leagues

PositionTeamCashSquad SizeNamePoints
1With My Testicles 3917Stu Westwood1075
2Molineux Mafia 4.819Anthony Marandola1020
3CornishMafia 1.220Jim Samuel972
4One Season Wonders 3619Stuart Morgans945
5No F in chance 24.120Conor McGrath939
6Can Rabbits Live Outside? 719James Dunn910
72 Girls 1 Schlupp 1820Mark Hodson909
8Mini Mix FMFC 10.418Ste Cox886
9Utterly Snaffled 815Ian Spittle856
10Devils Utd 15.219Dave Cooper850
11Swan With Two Necks 919Ian Dudfield842
12Waste of Mane 6.820Graham Merrick801
13Forbear A 10.618Adam Cotterill795
14The Fornicating Analysts 1917Ryan McWilliams787
15One Flew Over Lukaku's Nest 1615Adam Myatt758
16Post Office Rangers 017Ben Harvey732
17Mane's Too Tight To Mention 018Barrie Holding709
18Bend It Like Benik 15.820Mark Chamberlain706
19Langford United 63.818Dean Langford685
20Golden Balls 47.619Craig Buggins632